About Us

Established in 2008, BODYJOCK Co. is a premiere designer of men’s sportswear. Inspired by Miami’s art deco design and the South Florida lifestyle, the BODYJOCK brand was conceived to meet the needs of today’s masculine guy.

Surrounded by the majestic beaches of South Florida, BODYJOCK continually creates collections described as sporty and sexy while fusing boldness with masculinity.  

The BODYJOCK Classic Collection

BODYJOCK’s Classic collection showcases two styles; the boxer cut and classic brief. Boasting 84% Nylon/16% Spandex, BODYJOCK swimwear is form fitting and comfortable to wear.

Our carefully selected vivid colors include midnight black, navy blue, vibrant yellow, and sporty red. Meticulous detailing distinguishes clean lines, classic white banding, and grommets with front ties that encompass style, luxury, and function.

The SOBE Collection

The SOBE collection showcases two styles; men’s square cut swimwear and classic brief. Boasting 90% Polyamide/10% Spandex, BODYJOCK brand swimwear is form fitting and comfortable to wear.

The collection’s colors include a mixture of black, red, light blue and sage. Known for its meticulous detailing, BODYJOCK has expanded its collection with distinguishing clean lines, breathable rice mesh, front ties with grommets and sophisticated designing encompassing style, luxury, and function.

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